Tuesday, March 1, 2011

In One Year's Time

In one year's time, you've...
  • mastered the English language
  • learned your ABCs, 123s, colors, and shapes
  • identified and distinguished every type of vehicle and piece of earthmoving equipment on the planet
  • understood the ideas of turn taking and sharing
  • and can sing a dozen songs.
But that's not what amazes me most. 

One year ago, I never imagined that a 30 lb, little 3-year old would become the person I most admire.

You've proved yourself tougher than nails and are more headstrong than I knew was possible.
You have endured more than anyone should in a lifetime.

Yet you laugh more than anyone.
You are happy, all day, every day.
It floors me that God chose us to be your parents. 
We are so unbelievably lucky to call you son.

Happy Gotcha Day, Jack!

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