Saturday, February 26, 2011

And the Name Is

OK, you've probably seen already in the sidebar and above Gentle 6 will be officially named
William JiaLe Gentle
  • Rob's reaction, "I never suggested it."
  • Charlie's reaction, "Will!  How will I ever remember Will?  It is too hard!"
  • Jack had no reaction.  He's still oblivious to the idea of another brother.  Yesterday, we were working on the idea of categorizing people: brothers, cousins, friends, etc.  Jack was adamant that he is the sister of the family.
So where and why did we pick Will?  Before I do, I'd like to share a little about Mike's and my creativity level.
  • Rob's full name came from his two grandfathers' first names.
  • Charlie's full name came from reversing his dad's full name.
  • Jack...Well we were out of family names, and we both liked the name.  It wasn't a sure thing though.  His Chinese name meant lucky omen.  There are few American names that mean lucky omen.  I substituted gift from God for lucky omen found John, Johnathan, and Jack.  That seemed to seal the deal.  Jack it would be.
  • So why Will?  Jia Le means happy family.  I didn't really see any American names that meant the same thing.  We resorted to reviewing the Social Security Administration list of popular names. Mike suggested Will along with two others.  I too liked Will.  So after going public with the name, I felt bad.  The other boys have a story to go with their names.  This kid's name just seemed right.  Thinking it over, maybe there is a bigger story and here's my first attempt at documenting its significance for me.
Wikipedia has this to say about the meaning and origins of William
Germanic origin: wil = "will or desire"; helm; Old English "helm", "helmet, protection"

When I tell of our plans for adopting again, whether it is really what people are thinking or not, I envision them thinking we are nuts.  Adoption is hard.  The last year has not been our easiest year.  I do understand that in many ways life is going to get harder and possibly uglier.  Whether they really walk away asking or not, I always imagine people asking themselves why would we do this again?

If I were to describe my own idea of my life's journey, I feel like a mouse in a maze.  God see's the path, but I only see walls and turns.  I don't know the way to go or always where God wants me to go.  With my Catholic roots and my own lack of creativity, I am thankful Jesus left us instructions on how and what to pray.  My only issue is with being so tied up as a mom, I usually only make it this far in The Lord's Prayer, "Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.  Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven."  I absolutely love those words, "thy will be done."  I never feel guilty about not finishing the prayer, because I always figure this covers it.  It is the power that fuels everything.  It tells us which way to go.  It makes the turns in my little mouse maze.  It has taken Mike's and my journey of parenthood from the kiddies' car ride at the amusement park to the amazingly thrilling Ninja at Six Flags.  God's will has taken Mike's and my level of peace with our decisions from raging rivers to the peaceful little stream in the gutter that constantly runs in front of our driveway.  And God's will has elevated our happiness in life to levels I didn't know possible. 

So how amazing is it that every time I call out Will's name, I'll be reminded of His will and the protection and blessings it gives in my life and my child's?  What a glorious name!

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