Friday, January 14, 2011

Creeping Along

I haven’t posted anything on Gentle 6 in a very long time because there is nothing new to post. Our state has had our paperwork since September. They just issued our foster care ILS, today. Last August, it really looked like we could have a new dossier ready to send to China by March 2011. Now, I’m guessing it’ll be months later.

We’ve been studying 1 John at church. The purpose of John’s letter as I understand it was to identify false teaching and restore joy in believers. Our idea of joy (happiness) is not currently in my list of feelings regarding this paperwork process. However, I can attest that I am feeling the joy John was referring to, a sense of satisfaction. I know God has a plan for Gentle 6. We’ll continue to pray, “Your will be done.” I just wish we could hurry up and find out what God’s will in this case is!

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