Tuesday, December 6, 2011


A picture summary of a very LONG day...
 Leaving Hong Kong
Will did great on the plane.  
Ten hours of flipping through the Hemisphere and Duty Free magazines.
Three hours, sleeping.
Meeting Dad.
Investigating his room.
Looking for new reading material after the plane.
Meeting Jack (who couldn't be more thrilled!)
First picture of all four, together.
Charlie was totally smitten.
Look out, Will!  Not the first or last kiss of the day.
First meal, home.
Brothers, at last!
Welcome home!


  1. Welcome Home!!! I know you are so thankful to be back home with the whole family. I love the pictures of your 4 boys together!!! Can you believe that you are a mother of 4 boys?!!! I still am in awe that I have been blessed with 3 children!
    Blessings as you settle in to a new routine with your larger family!

  2. Welcome home! Great to have finally met you at the airport! Were you all on the continental flight to Newark that day? That looks like the plane we rode, but I never got a picture of it!! Have fun with your boys!

  3. Your boys are so precious! It's making me tear up!!
    We leave soon for Abby and can hardly wait!

  4. Very sweet pictures! Welcome home!

  5. Love seeing all the pictures! I am bummed I didn't get to meet Will on Sunday, but when things calm down for you all, we will have to get together. Miss you and I am praying for you and yours. Emily



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