Friday, November 25, 2011

Day 5

We made it to Guangzhou, this evening.  Thankfully, we had to take an earlier flight than was originally scheduled.  We made it in at 4:30pm rather than 10:20pm.  It feels kind of like home away from home.  Next door to our hotel is a Subway restaurant and right around the corner on the other side is a Starbucks.  The island we are on is much more laid back than the rest of the city.  We're both a little tired, but not too tired to venture out for ice cream.  And the hotel room actually has English cable stations other than CNN World News. It feels great!  A few pictures from today.
 Hohhot airport.
 JiaLe fell asleep as soon as the plane started taxiing.
New hotel and play station for JiaLe.


  1. What hotel is that? ...are you at the Garden? I don't recognize the room! ;)

    Enjoy your time in GZ with your little man. He sure is a CUTIE!!!! Happy Thanksgiving and God bless! <><


  2. It's actually the Victory West. We are both enjoying every minute of it! Much roomier than our last time at the White Swan.



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