Sunday, November 6, 2011

China Itinerary

Here's a little look at what our China trip is looking like...

SAT 11/19 - Fly from Chicago to Beijing
SUN 11/20 - Fly from Beijing to Hohhot, arriving at 7pm
     Check in at the Sheraton
MON 11/21 - Get Will at the Civil Affairs office.  Go shopping for supplies.
TUES 11/22 - Finalize the adoption and apply for passport at the Civil Affairs office.
WED 11/23 - Visit Will's orphanage, Baotou City SWI.
THURS 11/24 - Visit the Inner Mongolia Museum
FRI 11/25 - Pick up passport and fly from Hohhot to Guangzhou, arriving at 10:20pm.
    Check in at the Victory
SAT 11/26 - Medical and TB test.
SUN 11/27 - Free Day
MON 11/28 - Pick up TB test result and passport.  Eat at Noodle King.
TUES 11/29 - Free Day
WED 11/30 - 8:30am visa appointment and oath ceremony
THURS 12/1 - Pick up visa and ride to Hong Kong in the afternoon/evening.
    Check in at the Novotel Citygate
FRI 12/2 - Fly from Hong Kong to Chicago.


  1. It's getting close! ~ YAY!!!! :)

  2. WooHooo! He will be here for Christmas!!

  3. As I open up this you should be just now arriving into China!!! So happy for your wait to be almost over!!!!!
    (leaving in 48 hours!!!!!)



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