Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Glimpse Into Jack's Thoughts

Today, as we were parking the car at Walmart, Jack said, "I see a monkey in the truck."

This was new.  Jack typically limits sight seeing talk to "I see a ..." only to be filled in by "garbage truck, excavator, dump truck, etc."

I said, "Monkeys aren't allowed to be in trucks.  Do you think maybe it was a dog?"

Jack said, "Yep."  Yep is Jack's new word.  I love it.

We were walking towards the doors. Just about as far  from a truck as the viewer of this picture, Jack froze.  Pointing at a man (who did very much resemble a monkey) behind the wheel, Jack said, "See the monkey?"

My response, "Yes, Jack.  I do see the monkey."  OK, maybe it wasn't the best parenting moment.  But isn't it wonderful and fascinating that in the mind of a 3-year old, a monkey could really be driving a truck.

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