Saturday, May 29, 2010

"J" is for Jack

On June 1st, we will celebrate our 3 month mark since Jack's gotcha day. When we settled on the name John (boy this kiddo's got a lot of names!), we knew it meant gift from God. What a gift he is! Here are some of my favorite photos from the last couple days...
While making supper, Jack did this. He loves lining things up. I don't think he actually meant to make a 'J", but I wouldn't put it past him. He's very sharp.

I love when Jack comes up to me, takes my hand, and leads me to his latest creation. He always takes a lot of time and pride in his work.

This blue foaming soap has been such a hit. What a great smile.

I love his furrowed brow. Jack's attention span is great for 3. He's starting to try to count.

Are you sure they didn't serve beet souffle in China?

See, we told you it wasn't so bad!

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