Wednesday, March 3, 2010


We finally adopted Jack on Monday March 1 in Nanchang China! As expected, Day 1 was a rough start for Jack. We heard him crying as he was brought into the adoption office. He was a very sad boy all day. However, this is actually a good thing and we would have been really worried if he reacted any differently. We soon learned that food is the way to his heart! French fries, ketchup, noodles, ice cream, yogurt, watermelon, pineapple. Jack is already visibly growing stronger, more alert, and playful. He attached to Mike (Ba Ba), but doesn't like when Sara tries to pick him up. We're guessing that he was close to his foster mom and isn't ready to accept Sara yet. In good time, we know he will.

By the way, we also learned that he can be called Shu Shu pronounced "Sue Sue." We'll eventually switch over to Jack and expect Rob and Charlie will help us with that.

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